Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shout Outs

Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one.  

Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg and Alvaro Fernandez, Sharp Brains, are this week's host of Grand Rounds.   You can read it here.
"If Dr. Rob can interview Santa, why can't I interview a select group of health & medical bloggers? They will have some good ideas to share".
So did President-elect Obama came to realize a few days ago. After his people kindly contacted our people, we felt compelled to grant him open access to our collective wisdom. Without further ado, below you have Grand Rounds 5:12 - a Q&A session led by the incoming President on how to reform (for the better, we hope) healthcare.

A Repository for Bottled Monsters is the blog associated with National Museum of Health and Medicine (nee the Army Medical Museum) in Washington, DC.  Recently they posted on a new exhibit they are putting together on facial reconstruction.  I wish I could go see it, but will have to be content with the blog post.

The exhibit is contained in one wall-mounted cabinet and is called Facial Reconstruction. We have really cool and interesting plaster models and they're what make up the bulk of the cabinet. Here are four on them on a cart, waiting to go into the cabinet. They're various stages of one person's reconstruction.

Jordan, In My Humble Opinion, pens a lovely post.  I hope you will read it in its entirety.
There is a moment in some peoples lives were god given talent and passion mesh to create something beautiful and unique. Those who are lucky enough to experience this rare gift have a special power. The power to change the world.
I was born thinking medicine was my passion……..
Being a physician no longer ignited me...no longer set my heart on fire. But something did. Strangely and unexpectedly it was writing……….
………..I knew that I caught something that everyone else had missed. So I made a few changes and added a key medication and within 24 hours she was better. It might take some time but I know she will recover.
On my way home yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks………
Gift and passion. Passion and gift. Somehow they've missed each other so far in my life. But what if....what if for just a moment I could realign them again.
Oh the the things I could accomplish!

An offering in the “spirit of the season” – well, a recipe from Kerry, SixUntoMe, for some chocolate cookies she made for her husband.  I plan to make some of these as gifts for my neighbors.  You can get the recipe for the awesome chocolate cookies here (photo credit).

This week  Dr Anonymous will be discussing Podcamp Ohio on his  Blog Talk Radio show.  I hope you will check it out.

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