Friday, December 5, 2008

Trip Around the World Quilt

If you were in the chat room the night of Sterile Eye’s interview on Dr A’s BTR show, then you know I offered to make his two girls quilts. Here is the first one. It is for the 4 yr old. The pattern is called Trip Around the World (or sunshine and shadow). It’s a fun pattern to play with colors. This one has most of the colors of the rainbow or color spectrum (ROY G BIV) though I began with the blue in the center and then progressed out with the pink to red to orange to yellow to green. The quilt is 42 in X 50 in. It is machine pieced and quilted.

Here is a closer view so you can see some of the fabrics. They include a girl in a sailor suit, some small animals, some clowns, stars, etc.

Here is a picture of the back of the quilt. The fabric is from the Robert Hoffman collection called Kaleidoscope. It continues the color spectrum and adds the purple not on the front.

I just noticed an “error” while writing this post. Too late to fix it as the quilting is done and has been mailed. I’ll tell you what the error is later in the comments, but first I’ll see if any of you notice it.


Bongi said...

there is no error.

rlbates said...


Check the symetry at the top. The three animal blocks need to have been moved one space to the right to be centered over the blue.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it appears that the left side animals are also one section too low, and don't match the with the animals on the right side (which are lined up with the blue center piece).

jmb said...

The gold squares at the top are off centre. Not so easy to spot so do not fret.

rlbates said...

EEJ, I missed that. Yes, JMB, the gold squares with the animals both at the left and top are off.

Robin said...

The beauty of quilts is the unexpected and the personality of each one. My grandmother, who made countless quilts by hand in her lifetime, made each of her children (17) and grandchildren (I lost count at 54 of them years ago) one before she died at 88. She said that the quilts were made with love, and she never stressed over perfection. By doing that, they were perfect. My quilt from her wraps me in love when I use it.

Ramona, you do so much for others and the love and caring is obvious. Each quilt you make couldn't be more perfect. I think this one is beautiful, and even more beautiful for it's uniqueness.

rlbates said...

Thank you, Robin. I would have loved to met your Grandmother.

Bardiac said...

You're supposed to include imperfections, to remind us all that humans aren't perfect, or something.

So, it's perfect as is! :)

(and beautiful!)

SeaSpray said...

I agree with Robin and Bardiac. They are so beautiful and have their own uniqueness.

Also...I never would have known. Most people probably would not.

God has given you a gift for sure. :)

I hope I have not offended you or other bloggers but I totally lifted your post promoting your silent auction. You said it perfectly and I know not everyone follows links and so I wanted to put it all there... but I did link back to your blog.

If that was a major faux pas..tell me and I will remove it immediately.


P.S. If I didn't have so many med bills...i would love to bid on it. :)

rlbates said...

Thank you Bardiac and Seaspray.

Seaspray, you have not offended me in the least. I am happy to have you helping us promote the auction. Thank you!

Øystein said...

I got the notice from the post office that the quilts have arrived, but I was away for the weekend and couldn't get the package. Really looking forward to getting it tomorrow!

I noticed the slight irregularity you mention, but since the left and right animals weren't aligned either, I thought it to be an "unsymmetrical symetry.

Anyway: This beautiful quilt has no errors whatsoever to me. I'm very grateful that you would make something like this for my girls!

With snow and the temperature falling to -10 Celsius and below here in Norway now, the quilts will be nice to cuddle in for them.

rlbates said...

Thanks for letting me know they have arrived!

Vijay said...

As Øystein says, the horizontal asymmetry is offset by the vertical asymmetry. The quilt looks great. Lucky girl!