Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shout Outs

Updated 3/2017--  all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one.

Walter Jessen, Highlight Health, is this week's host of Grand Rounds. It’s the “dreaming of Grand Rounds” edition! You can read it here (photo credit).

Seasons Greetings! Welcome to the Holiday Edition of Grand Rounds, featuring some of the best articles of the biomedical and healthcare blogosphere. At this time last year, I announced the Highlight HEALTH Network, a single source that aggregates content from all the Highlight HEALTH websites. This year, I have a similar gift for biomedical and healthcare blogosphere readers:
MedGadget is asking for nominations for the best of medical blogs. Last year I was honored to be nominated in the “best new medical blog” category. You can make your nominations here by leaving a comment with your choice.
The categories for this year's awards are:
-- Best Medical Weblog
-- Best New Medical Weblog (established in 2008)
-- Best Literary Medical Weblog
-- Best Clinical Sciences Weblog
-- Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog
-- Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog
-- Best Patient's Blog
Medicine for the Outdoors us a great post, Frostbite Update (photo credit). It is a guest post from Luanne Freer MD who founded and directs the Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic, which operates each spring climbing season in Nepal.
From a historical perspective, frostbite has been known since ancient times, with indications of frostbite being present in a 5000-year-old pre-Columbian mummy discovered in the Chilean mountains. Napoleon’s surgeon general, Baron Dominique Larrey, described mechanisms of frostbite in 1812, during his army’s retreat from Moscow. He noted the harmful effects of the freeze-thaw-freeze cycle when soldiers warmed frozen hand and feet over the campfire at night, only to have them refreeze when they were removed from the warmth of the fire.
Check out Addicted to Medblogs – Days of Christmas Series
On the first day – A Partridge for Nurse Ratched
On the second day –MakeMineTrauma gets Two Turtle Doves
On the third day – Three French Hens for Medic 61
On the fourth day – Code Blog gets Four Calling Birds
On the fifth day – Monkey Girl gets Five Golden Rings
On the sixth day – Six Geese for Tundra PA
On the seventh day – Disappearing John’s Seven Swans
On the eight day -- Eight Maids a Milking for Emergiblog
On the ninth day --Nine Pipers Pipin for Vitum Medicinus
On the tenth day --Ten Dancin Ladies for ER Nursey
On the eleventh day –Eleven Lords Leapin Over Platypus
On the twelfth day – Drummers for GuitarGirl, RN
Check out these two posts on the Good Samaritan Ruling recently by GruntDoc and Symtym.
Now if you have been following the dialog across medblogs with GruntDoc, you’ll notice the major theme of whether California’s EMS Act confers certain tort immunity generally or specifically. Generally, in terms of applying to the general population. Specifically, in terms of applying to a specific population (i.e., the EMS practitioners defined in the EMS Act). Granted, what we think and believe in 2008 has merit, but it does not necessarily speak to legislative intent. It has been suggested that “no person who in good faith,” from a textual read, can only mean everyone, generally, in the state. What did the Legislature really say? (emphasis added)

There will be no Dr Anonymous show for the next two weeks. You can check out the archives of his Blog Talk Radio show. He’ll be back in the new year after the holidays.


jmb said...

Wasn't Medblog Addict's series great?
Have a wonderful Christmas Ramona with your family and have a Happy New Year too.

rlbates said...

Yes, JMB, MBA's series is wonderful! Thanks for the well wishes. Same to you and your family.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Ramona. May your days be filled with joy this holiday season and all the years to come.

Medblog Addict said...

Thank you! I had a great time reading everyone’s answers. Thanks for linking to the series.

Happy New Year!

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