Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Dogs' Life

My husband and I are leaving for Nashville in the morning for a short vacation. The dogs, Girlfriend (14 yo) and Rusty (4 yo) will be staying at the Chenal Pet Palace. I have gotten all their food and treats ready (each meal measured and labeled in zip-lock bags). Girlfriend's daily DeraMaxx (1/4 tablet) and glucosamine condroitin are in her food bags. What I can't leave are the belly rubs, walks, and general care. I know the folks at the pet palace will take good care of them, but I still feel apprehensive. They will have a yard (access three times each day) and an air conditioned room to share. At home, they have access to the yard at all times via a dog door. They also have access to the entire house (well, the bed is blocked during the day by a baby gate at the door). You can see where Rusty likes to sleep during the day.

I have done all the other pre-vacation preparations (do I sound OCD?)--held the mail, held the newspapers, gone to the bank, cleaned the house, cleaned out near-end-of-good-date food from refrigerator, and am almost completely packed. I need this vacation, so I am going and I am going to enjoy myself.


Chrysalis said...

I hope you have a great time. If you lived closure I would have taken them in to play with my golden. I'm always watching friends dogs. We all joke my place is camp such and such, for canines.

rlbates said...

Thanks. They would have loved it, but they enjoy the other dogs at the pet palace. Have a great day!

Chrysalis said...

I came back to check your site and had to laugh. I wrote closure instead of closer. Sometimes I have my mind on a few different things at the same time. Sorry Ramona.