Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Greenery at Opryland Hotel

We're back home from our vacation to Nashville. I've spent the afternoon washing clothes, bathing dogs, watering the poor dry plants in my yard, and just getting ready to go back to the office tomorrow. I wanted to share a few photos with you of the lovely greenery at the hotel. It's like an arboretum inside the hotel. The first photo is from our room. We got a lot of exercise just walking around the place (no guilt about eating).

There are some lovely orchids, ferns, begonias, and more. There is a "Delta River" that runs through the hotel with boat rides.

But some of the most surprising greenery was seen the afternoon before we left. Check out this beautiful ivy. Look closely.

Did you look closely? Did you see the beautiful woman?

The ivy is not real. It is a woman doing performance art!
Isn't she lovely!


Dr. Smak said...

I stayed at the Opreyland hotel for a business trip last year. I affectionately described it as Disneyland for adults - there was something lovely to look at in every corner!

denverdoc said...

Missed the woman altogether until your follow-up shot!

We went to a restaurant for dinner one night when my son was quite young. A mermaid 'statue' was doing a rhythmic dance with her arms at a steady pace to the music.

My son watched her in fascination as we wondered at how real and how smooth her movements appeared. Then she waved at us! Can't remember what we ate that night, but we'll never forget that actress!

Chrysalis said...

Beautiful pictures Ramona! She looks so elegant, what beautiful features. Those live statues freak me out. We've had them occasionally in our Malls. It is a creepy feeling.