Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Crazy" Quilt for a Baby

Here is a picture of part of a baby quilt I made for one of our CRNA's. I like to use up scraps this way. The quilt is made by sewing the strips of scrap fabric directly onto the back and batting. In this way, the "quilting" is done as you "piece" the quilt. It is never enough quilting for me though, so I always end up doing more when I am done with the pieced quilt. I, also, find that this is a quilt the mother of the baby will use. They will get on the floor with the baby and "find" things in the quilt. Where is the horse? Where is the sheep? Can you find the blue? What about red? Can you find a star? Where is the flower? Can you find the tree? or the dog? I hope that it helps with the mother-child bonding, but also with the education-by-play of the young baby-toddler. And if it doesn't, well, I enjoyed making the quilt.

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denverdoc said...

Put this beauty on the floor? I think not; I'd frame and hang it on the the living room!