Thursday, August 5, 2010

Facial Prosthetics Restores Face

This is an amazing story of restoring a face using surgery and prosthetics. I learned of it through the AMA News article by Carolyne Krupa: Medical team gives Oregon woman a new face.

A surgeon and two maxillofacial experts in prosthetics help a 27-year-old mother, disfigured by a shotgun blast, appear more normal to her young son.

Krupa tells the story and then links to this one:

REBUILDING CHRISSY STELTZ'S FACE: A Special Report by The Oregonian – chronicles the story from the beginning with a list of articles written through the years and a nice timeline slideshow which includes this one.

Other recent news stories regarding facial prosthetics

Military's Facial Prosthetic Program Transforms Injured Troops

Miracle Army Lab Gives Soldiers Their Faces Back

If you are interested in learning how to make such prosthetics, check out these sources

The Facial Prosthetics Training Program (John Hopkins)

International Anaplastology Association

University of Illinois Biomedical Visualization

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Cynthia Bailey MD said...

From the prosthetic mock up to her facial expression, this is why supporting medical innovation is worth it. I love the sentence "she looked more normal to her young son". Beautiful!