Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Recent NPR Stories on Plastic Surgery

I want to say these two stories were well done (both aired on June 1, 2009).  I was actually interviewed, but not quoted, for the story on fat-grafting.  I pointed Allison Aubry to Dr Scott Spear as her expert.  He is involved in one of the U.S. studies on breast augmentation using fat grafting. 

Sculpting the Body with Recycled Fat by Allison Aubry.

Doctors Still Unsure Of Long-Term Risks

Surgeons like Dr. Scott Spear of Georgetown University Hospital want to know more about the techniques used to transfer fat for breast augmentation.

"We're at the beginning of the learning curve," he says. He has initiated a clinical trial to answer some questions about the best way to perform the procedure and whether there are any measurable risks. To date, there are no published studies in the United States, so doctors are relying on their own clinical experience.


Silicone Injections May Harm Some Patients by Patti Neighmond

When people get injected with silicone at pumping parties, Gorton says "there is no way to verify if they're using medical-grade silicone. You can go to hardware stores and buy a big tub of it," he says. "The element is the same, but it's just not the same safety or purity or quality."



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