Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shout Outs

 Updated 3/2017--photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many are no longer active and it was easier than checking each one.

Theresa, Rural Doctoring, is this week's host of Grand Rounds. I submitted one of my posts from last week. You can read this weeks grand rounds here. Wonderful, scholarly edition!
Some of you may know I am an amateur Shakespeare scholar. I pursue the study of the Bard during my spare time, which means I don't pursue it very deeply. Medicine and blogging seem to be the great consumers of time lately, but this week's Grand Rounds gives me the chance to marry the three subjects together. I present to you a Shakespearean Grand Rounds, and I begin with a literary digression.
Change of Shift, Vol 3, No4, is up over at Emergiblog.
Chris, Made a Difference, recently posted regarding 73rd Cavalry volunteers who are treating Iraqi children and need supplies. For a list of the supplies and where to send them, so here.
I recently received from a friend, Deb, this great news about US troops at CSC Scania
(that's Convoy Support Center) south of Baghdad who are volunteering their time to run a clinic for Iraqis in need of medical care. These aren't people who were sent to Iraq as medical providers. Their official duty is to refuel trucks and keep them running on the convoy line running north and south through Mesopotamia. They treat up to 80 patients a day, many of them burned children. They report that they are seeing the same burns I saw so commonly: scald and oil spill burns from uncovered cooking sources in the home. They rely on donated service hours and donated supplies. If ever anyone needed a reason to be proud of our military, look no further than these troops.
Dr Smak will make you laugh with this post on Pelvic Dyslexia.
A Gory Eye Picture from Marianas Eye (you are forewarned).
What happens when one of the physicians in your practice gets injuried or dies? Read this -- Parables of Practice Management: A Tale of Three Clinics; Medical News of Arkansas, September 2--8; by Chad Carlson
When a physician has an equity stake in a medical practice and he or she is unexpectedly disabled or dies, the consequences for the rest of the partners (or the physician's heirs) can be severe. Failing to adequately prepare for forced transitions may seriously impair a successful practice and may even result in lawsuits................
Whether you're just beginning to write your story or you're already deep into the storyline, make updating your buy/sell agreement a priority. Establishing, structuring, and funding an adequate arrangement is a team effort. You should always have the involvement of a tax advisor and legal counsel.
Plan well and ensure for yourself, your family, and your practice, a very happy
Dr Wes shares with us "What your heart attack might be like" and includes a video ad from Great Britain. Well, worth watching and sharing!
Although one would hope the symptoms wouldn't get to this extreme, the ad makes the point that heart attacks aren't really just about chest pain: but also chest or arm tightness or a discomfort, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and the like..............
And one more thing to consider: if a friend wants to call an ambulance for you, let them. Remember they are objective observers, and might just save your life even despite yourself.
Check out Dino's recent two posts on Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome here and here. Then check out my own experience with Bell's Palsy here.
The patient's daughter had discovered a condition known as Herpes Zoster Oticus -- also called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. It is basically shingles of the geniculate ganglion, and it explains every single one of the patient's symptoms!
Essentially zoster of the ear, Ramsay Hunt consists of a painful vesicular rash in the external ear canal associated with a facial nerve palsy, vertigo, oral vesicles and taste disturbance. Treatment is with antivirals directed against herpes zoster, which I had already initiated, and steroids.
If you missed the Dr Anonymous' Blog Talk Radio show last week when I was his guest, you can listen to it here. Thank you all for showing up and calling in (Val, Theresa, Vijay, Bongi, Enrico, and Mary). This week is the ONE year anniversary show. I hope you will join us this Thursday night at 8 pm CST (or 1 am GMT) as we help Dr A celebrate.
Tips for first time Blog Talk Radio listeners (from Dr A):
For first time Blog Talk Radio listeners:
*Although it is not required to listen to the show, I encourage you to register on the BlogTalkRadio site prior to the show. I think it will make the process easier.
*To get to my show site, click here. As show time gets closer, keep hitting "refresh" on your browser until you see the "Click to Listen" button. Then, of course, press the "Click to Listen" button.
*You can also participate in the live chat room before, during, and after the show. Look for the "Chat Available" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. If you are registered with the BTR site, your registered name and picture will appear in the chat room.
*You can also call into the show. The number is on my show site. I'll be taking calls beginning at around the bottom of the hour. There is also a "Click To Talk" feature where you do not need a phone to call into the show - only a microphone headset. Hope these tips are helpful!


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