Friday, January 11, 2013

Scrappy Baby Quilt

This scrappy baby quilt was done in sort of a round robin fashion.  I began with the robot square and added yellow fabric with cat related words.  The next round was completed using strips of “route 66” fabric.  I slipped a thin strip of "spool" fabric in as the next round so that the sunflower round would take full advantage of the flowers.

I decided that I wanted the quilt to be rectangular rather than square so the next round is uneven with 2 in squares sewn together one row deep on the sides and two rows deep on the top/bottom.  The squares feature buttons, owls, dogs, cats, space, and more route 66.

In the spirit of using scrap fabric or fabric in my stashes as I'm trying to use what is available before simply buying more, the last round is a 5 in border of "ugly" fabric which seemed to tie it all together.  The quilt is machine pieced and quilted.  It measures 35 in X 39 in.

Here is another detail photo which shows the spools, a car, a horse, some of the words, and the robot.

The back is an ecru print.  This photo hopefully shows off some of the quilting.

I gave this quilt to a niece who is pregnant with her second baby.

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Michelle said...

That's great! The "ugly" border really looks good with the rest of it.