Thursday, September 22, 2011


I’ve created several tasks lists in Outlook to help me keep track of things that have to be done as I close my office.  Many have been completed, but a large one looms.  It’s the one that has to do with finding someone to sublease the office space.  I thought I had it done, but the potential lessee backed out. I’ve countered with an option where I would continue to pay a percentage, in effect giving them a discount, but have not heard anything back from them.
I am not a good negotiator or haggler.  My husband is much better (at least at garage sales, etc).  I am thinking I may have to hire an agency with contacts and a bigger net.
It’s a nice space (1318 sq ft) – large enough for one or two doctors to share.  Basic utilities (electricity, water) are included as are basic cleaning services.  Maintenance has always been timely and the guys are very nice.
So if anyone knows anyone who is looking for medical office space in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I have some space here in the Doctors Building I would love to show them.

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