Monday, September 12, 2011


The past few weeks have been filled with writing letters to organizations and patients to announce the closing of my medical practice, sorting through 21 years of stuff and deciding what to do with it (keep, give away, sell, donate), canceling accounts (Pitney Bowes, credit card processing, yellow page ads, etc), trying to sublease the office space (as I am caught midway in my lease), getting a PO Box so journals, etc don’t come directly to my home (as we all know our data is sold to marketing), and copying records as the requests come in.

Much of this has been a review of my past 21 years.  I seem to have used my office (and the draws, filing cabinet space) to store not just professional correspondence, but also personal.  I had a couple of drawers that I routinely keep filled with cards (birthday, thank you, condolence, encouragement, just because).  I love mailing cards to family and friends.  My desk was a nice space to sit down and do this before the day began.

I have been amazed at the number of letters I have “squirreled” away in my desk drawers.  Many of these are from loved ones now dead (my mother, my old high school math teacher, a plastic surgery mentor).  Others are thank you notes from nieces and nephews who had just learned to write.  These made me smile, as they are now in high school, college, or grown with their own children.

Coping the charts bring many emotions.  I did the right thing here.  Did I miss something here?  What if I had done this one differently?  If I did this one today I would do it like this, not like that?  I would do this one the very same way.  I wonder how this one is doing. 

So many emotions in reviewing the past 21 years.


hdhindsa said...

Hi Ramona,
I had no idea you were bringin your practice to an end. Well, I hope you don't give up your writing, which has been compelling and informative, and even inspirational--in terms of the thoroughness of your reviews.
Good Luck!

SeaSpray said...

21 years.

A lot happens in 21 years.

You sound very busy.

As a physician, daughter,wife, mom, friend, etc. I'm sure you've been a blessing to many. :) I think it's sweet you saved all that correspondence.

I'd keep it and will be nice to go through again someday and it's a bit of history in your life. Maybe some people would like to see/hear what they wrote. I am a fan of hand written correspondence and typed ..but via snail mail. Although printing something off the computer is alright, water could effect it whereas pen is likely to last. I love coming across old correspondence. In some ways means more to me now then back when. I wish I said this or asked that or could share this, etc. And I realize even more how some people impacted my life for the better. I think when you look back with life experience all seems to mean more. It takes you back and your right see how somethings you'd do differently. And emotions swirl up and around.

Sounds like you have much to do.

I wish you the best Ramona. :)

rlbates said...

Thanks Uveal and SeaSpray.

Gina said...

This is a great post Ramona. :) I enjoyed reading it. Good luck to you!