Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Using Botox in Combination with Other Treatments

Updated 3/2017 -- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. 

Recently I read and completed a nice CME article on Medscape (first reference below).  It focused on the consensus panel’s (second reference, from first article and not read by me) recommendations. 
As Botox and Dysport are used more often, it is becoming more common for them to be used in combination with other treatments (ie Laser resurfacing, fillers, and surgery).  It was nice to see a consensus regarding how to approach multimodal treatment with BoNTA. 
Treatment Recommendations
Botox+ Injectable fillers
BoNTA and injectable fillers can be administered the same day or separate days. However, it may be preferable to inject the first agent, wait until effects are clinically evident, and then follow up with second agent as needed.
Upper face: Typical to inject BoNTA first.
Mid and lower face: Typical to inject filler first.
Botox + Ablative laser resurfacing
Inject BoNTA several days prior to the ablative procedure and wait until BoNTA effects are clinically evident.
Botox + Nonablative lasers/chemical peels
Nonablative procedure first. Inject BoNTA 10-15 minutes after nonablative procedure.
Botox + Surgery
Avoid injecting BoNTA on day of surgery. Follow-up BoNTA injections can continue beginning 3 months after surgery.

Aesthetic Treatment With Neurotoxins: Options and Individualized Treatment: Practical Use of Botulinum NeurotoxinA in Aesthetic Practice; Medscape article,   06/18/2010;  Michael A.C. Kane, MD
Kane M, Donofrio L, Ascher B, et al. Expanding the use of neurotoxins in facial aesthetics: a consensus panel's assessment and recommendations. J Drugs Dermatol. 2010;9;7-22.


Love Botox said...

rlbates !!! thanks for " Using Botox in Combination with Other Treatments ". It' good ...but i have question ....Can Botox be injected under the eye?

rlbates said...

Love Botox, yes Botox can be used in the lower part of the face, but must be done with great care.