Saturday, July 3, 2010

Joan Benoit Samuelson and Me

I was once told that I looked like Joan Benoit. I’m not sure the person was serious, but I took it as a huge compliment. The thought that I could favor in any way (real or imagined) Joan Benoit was amazing to me. After all, this woman was a marathon runner!!! Not just any marathon runner, but the first woman to win the gold in the Olympics woman’s marathon when the event was introduced in 1984 in Los Angeles!!!
My running is more jogging or plodding but I have always enjoyed it. I don’t have speed, but when I train I can build up endurance. Over the past few years it has become more walking my dogs than running.
Joan Benoit Samuelson is the famous runner brought in this year to compete in the 34th Firecracker 5k held on the July 4th weekend.   The 5K takes  place today, July 3rd, at 7:30 am.

I got to meet her yesterday when I picked up my husband’s and my race packets at Easy Runner, the race host.  I was star-struck but managed to ask for a photo.  Was at a loss of where to take the conversation when she noticed the pedometer on my skirt’s waistband.  “How many steps do you do each day?”
“I try to get at least 10,000 steps each day.  When you work in an office, it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you’re more active than you are.”
“Good for you,” she replied.  “If everyone in American did the same we wouldn’t have nearly the obesity problem we have.”


Gizabeth Shyder said...

You do look a little alike!

Doing the 5K again this year? Good luck if so. I'm about to hit my treadmill.

This post makes me wonder about my steps/day.

Chrysalis said...

Pretty cool! You two could be family. Great photo, Ramona. Nice to see your smiling face.

Maryjonono said...

You are BOTH amazing and fit! Good luck today!

rlbates said...

Thanks, all. I finished in just over 38 minutes and managed to run (well jog) all but 2 minutes of it. It was nice to have my marathoner sister slow down and visit with me. Enjoyed it all!

SeaSpray said...

That's really awesome Ramona! Meeting her and running, being active like you are. I see the similarity.

How nice of her to pose and demonstrate interest and encouragement. Must be a very nice woman. Hmmm ..very nice attracts very nice. :)

I wish i could do that. OA in knees. Extremely frustrating and holds me back. My mind is light years ahead of my knees. I've been trying to say positive things through it with each step when needed and not give in to it. Some days better than others and I am too young for this.

Anyway are BOTH an inspiration. I think I will get one of those. Just never thought of it.

Is 10 thousand a high goal or a norm for everyone to strive for?

Your dogs have obviously been blessed to go out with you.

Son and d-i-l also have a chocolate lab and she loves to jog with my son. :)

Happy July 4th!

rlbates said...

SeaSpray, 10,000 steps is the recommended average per day to stay fit.

drcharles said...

I do see the resemblance. You both look like you could smoke me in any running distance! Although when I was 18 I could run a sub-17 cross country race... ahh, glory days.

Let us know how the Firecracker 5k goes, and if you finish without pain I'd consider that a triumph!

rlbates said...

Dr Charles, I managed to run (well, jog) most of it and finished in just over 38 min. JBS finished in just over 17 min! It was fun!

Øystein said...


And you really do look alike :)