Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adding to My Vocabulary

Updated 3/2017 --  all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. 

This past week I learned several new words and phrases.  Allow me to share a few with you.
Speed sag – I learned of this phrase from a tweet from @BAAPSMedia
Have just seen a cosmetic surgery press release about so-called "Speedo Sag"....Ew
My first thought was the same as my OR crew whom I polled.  We all thought it had to have something to do with the parts of the male anatomy which should be covered by the speedo such as perhaps the scrotum.  It doesn’t. 
I googled it to find out. It has to do with the male’s abdominal skin and fat which falls over the top of the speedo.   Apparently, they are looking for a male abdominoplasty.
Many of the men that want to get the Tummy Tuck, aka “Speedo sag” surgery, have lost weight or started a fitness plan and are looking for a surgery that can remove pockets of fat or loose flaps of skin from their stomach.
I would have called this the “spare tire” or the “dunlop” but not “speedo sag.” 
The above phrase gave us some risible moments in the OR.
1. Laughable; ludicrous.
2. Disposed to laugh.
3. Relating to laughter.
From Latin risus, past participle of ridere (to laugh). Other words that share the same root are ridiculous, deride, rident, and riant.
It hit me as I was writing this that the facial muscle – risorius – who’s function is to retract the angle of the mouth to produce a smile has the same etymology.
And now I hope you will forgive me for the above  folderol as I wish you many risible moments today.
1. Nonsense; foolishness.
2. A trifle; gewgaw.
From a nonsense refrain in some old songs. The word is also spelled as falderal.


Chrysalis said...

Well, I have had my laugh for the day.

All I could think of was the tourists that used to come down to where I lived in the summer. Speedos were very popular with the men. (Glad they aren't now.);)

medrecgal said...

"Speedo sag"...that's a classic! It reminded me of a rather funny ditty I found on You Tube that was sung by a Canadian comedy duo, titled "Speedo Man", as he had this issue too according to their lyrics. Do you find that more men are opting for plastic surgery in general these days?

rlbates said...

Medrecgal, yes, I think more men are having plastic surgery these days.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Ha! I had not heard of the Speedo Sag. I would imagine that there aren't too many men out there, at least over 30, who wouldn't have a little sag in a Speedo. Luckily they are not so popular by the poolside.

BrainDame said...


amara said...

ha ha ha!!! great post rlbates! :)
glad you cleared up the misconception about the term 'speedo sag'.. seems like it should refer to what everyone intuitively thinks it "should" refer to.. why can't they just call it "muffin top" ??!

and love the etymology lessons..!!

Abdominoplasty Philadelphia said...

Speedo Sag! Hilarious. I'm going to have to mention this to all the surgeons I know. Definitely good for a laugh.

Chrysalis said...

Speaking of....I meant to get over here, Ramona, and tell you - I darn near drove off the road because of your post!!!

Just after I said speedos weren't popular any longer.. I was driving off campus and what did I see???? A man walking along the walkway wearing nothing but a speedo. This wasn't one of the young and buff students either. I had all I could do to pass this gentleman with a straight face. As soon as I was up further I lost it!! Darn near missed a curve I was laughing so hard thinking of you and this post.

rlbates said...

Glad you are safe! :)