Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hematoma of Ear (Boxer's Ear) – 1908 TX

I have previously discussed Boxer’s Ear or Cauliflower Ear.  Now I’d like to share the section on the topic from the 1908 textbook, A Text-Book of Minor Surgery by Edward Milton Foote, MD.
Hematoma of Ear (Boxer’s Ear)
Blows upon the ear may give rise to hemorrhage beneath the perichondrium.  The effused blood causes a rounded fluctuating tumor which may stretch the ear far beyond its normal size and completely change its appearance, or it may be confined to a small portion of the pinna.  It is more often anterior than posterior.  Absorption of the effused blood is extremely slow, and the tumor should therefore be promptly incised, the blood clots thoroughly removed, and the wound sutured.  The skin of the ear has a good blood supply, and wounds in it heal promptly if the edges are accurately approximated by sutures.

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