Sunday, October 18, 2009

BlogWorld Expo 2009

Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one. 

A trip to Las Vegas to meet fellow medical bloggers in person.
Good panel presentations and discussions.
Great food, laughing, more discussions, karaoke.
Returning home with great memories to loving family
Check out these great posts (have added more as I found them):
One for the Medical History Books (Emergiblog)
Going Virtual @ BlogWorld (Running a Hospital)
Dr. A Show 123: Live at BlogWorld Expo (Dr Anonymous)
In Case You Were Wondering (Dr Wes)
Blogworld 09 HIPAA and Blogging (Dr Anonymous)
Medbloggers at Blogworld (Dr Anonymous)
How Nurses Want Marketers To Talk To Them (Fresh Influence)
Scenes from Blog World Expo (Kevin, MD)
BlogWorldExpo: Medical Bloggers Make Their Debut (SixUntoMe)
MedBlogWorld In A Nutshell (Dr Anonymous)
The Rise Of The Medical Blogosphere (Dr Bryan Vartabedian)
Blog World Expo 2009 (Gina, CodeBlog)

Vegas Meets MedBlogging — What’s Next? (Marc at JNJ BTW)
ABC News Covers Medblogger Track At Blog World Expo (Dr Val)
More on that Medical Blogging Track at BlogWorld (Marc at JNJ BTW)
Paul Levy Phones It In - Literally! (Dr Anonymous)
Via BlogWorld Expo 09 in Las Vegas (Mother Jones)
Fabulous Las Vegas (Bongi)
BWE 09: Why Bongi Blogs  (Dr Anonymous)

Several Videos from Nursing Show TV, Jamie Davis – PodMedic
  • Blogworld Expo – Jamie Interviews Dr A
  • Blogworld Expo -Dr A Interviews Mother Jones RN
  • Blogworld Expo – Dr A Interviews Bongi
  • Blogworld Expo – Dr Wes and Dr Rob
Here is a photo of the comment section of Dr Rob’s T-shirt showing Dr Val’s artwork (notice Zippy)

And this one shows Dr Val's artwork on the back of Bongi's T-shirt. Check out the Hippo.

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    Jabulani said...

    I'm so glad you had a good time. It must have been fabulous meeting up with all those people you have only ever connected with in cyberspace! Er, just so you know, looking at all the great pictures that are coming out of #bwe09 means that #bwe09sulk continues hotly in this little corner of cyberspace!