Wednesday, October 28, 2009

“Female Physicians Fill Halls of Medicine”

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Interesting article in the November issue of the Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society regarding women in medicine -- Healing the Gap: Female Physicians Fill Halls of Medicine by Casey L Penn (pdf, pp 104-106)
Harriet Hunt was the first woman to apply to Harvard Medical School. The year was 1847, and Harvard rejected her – as it would all women for the next century. It was 1945 before the school would finally
admit women medical students.
Today, Hunt’s experiences seem like ancient history to students like UAMS senior medical student Sarabeth
Bailey, who decided at a young age to enter the medical field. Bailey, a small town girl from DeQueen, Arkansas, was the first in her family to pursue a higher education, and found the doors of UAMS wide open to her when she entered in 2006………….
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