Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shout Outs

Updated 3/2017-- photos/video (except my own) and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one. 

Laika's MedLibLog  is this week's host of Grand Rounds.   You can read this week’s edition here (photo credit).
Welcome to the latest edition of Grand Rounds, the weekly compilation of the best of the medical blogosphere! I presume you would rather take a tour through the Netherlands, visiting windmills and tulips, but we will save this for another time. Right now, let’s take a trip around the library.

Dr Ves, Clinical Cases and Images – Blog, gives some links to some great tips on How to Prepare a Physician for a Media Interview (TV, radio, etc.). 
1. Be prepared.
2. Expect off-the-wall questions.
3. Speak in plain English.
4. Be concise.
5. Guide the interviewer.
7. Don't guess.
8. Nothing's off the record.

Check out this 3-part video series produced by Dr Val Jones and featuring Paul Levy:
Safe, Quality Hospital Care, part 1
Paul Levy, President & CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, discusses his innovative approach to keeping patients aware of the safety record of his hospital.
Safe, Quality Hospital Care, Part 2
Paul Levy discusses how patients can have a better hospital  experience, by keeping themselves informed and having an advocate.
Safe, Quality Hospital Care, Part 3
Paul Levy discusses how to keep in touch with friends and family  while in the hospital, and how to get the best aftercare.

H/T to Medgadget:  Now Oliver Sacks Talks About Visual Hallucinations in Blind People (video)

This week is Dr Anonymous doesn’t have a guest listed, but come join us anyway.  The show starts at 9 pm EST.
Upcoming Dr. A Shows
10/1 (10pmET): Dr. A Show
10/8 (10pmET): Dr. A Show
10/13 (10pmET): Dr. A Show: Pre-BlogWorld Expo Show

NPR has a wonderful story of “Madeleine Albright's Jewelry-Box Diplomacy” with pictures of some of the pins she wore.  Beautiful!  (photo credit)

The need remains, so if you quilt or sew consider making a few “patriotic friendship star” blocks  for the Quilts of Valor.   You can find the pattern and information for mailing the finished block(s) in the pdf file (photo credit).  The block should use red & white or blue & white color scheme.
International Quilt Festival is coming very soon and we need you to help us make this year a success!

Written instructions (pdf file) 
Link for YouTube mini-instruction.
Mail finished blocks by Oct 11th to:
Deb Granger
6111 Ganton Ct
Hudsonville, MI 49426
Here are the blocks I made:


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