Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shout Outs

Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one. 

Medic 999 is this week's host of Grand Rounds.  Next week I will be the host.  Please, send your posts to rlbatesmd@gmail.com with “Grand Rounds” in the subject line.  Include the title of the post and a correct link.  I will accept post up until noon CST Monday, September 14th.  There is no theme.  Thank you.
You can read this week’s edition here (photo credit). It’s the “paramedicine” edition.
Welcome one and all to this weeks edition of Grand Rounds, which comes to you from the world of EMS blogs!
It really is an honour to be hosting. I have only been blogging since the beginning of the year, but have been reading many of your blogs for the last couple of years, and its great to now be part of the medical blogosphere.

Amanda, this crazy miracle called Life, is the host of the latest edition of Change of Shift (Vol 4, No 5) !   You can find the schedule and the COS archives at Emergiblog.  (photo credit)
It's time again for the Nursing Blog Carnival, Change of Shift Version 4, Edition 5 and I can't help but tell you, I'm doing something big folks, annnd I am scared out of my mind.
No, no, no, Kim did not force me to host Change of Shift against my will.  :)  In fact, I like presenting the world with the finest nursing bloggers on the internet.
I'm scared because well, here's the deal... As some of my longtime nurse friends may know, I'm going into my 5th year of college, and I should be graduating in May, but I'm not, thanks to a car wreck and end-stage liver disease.  (If you'd like a refresher, here's a post for you.) ………. 

Wonderful highlight of a low-tech treatment for tennis elbow in the NY Times Phys Ed: An Easy Fix for Tennis Elbow? by Gretchen Reynolds (August 25, 2009)  -- (photo credit)

For those of us with less than thin thighs, the information in this post “Study Shows That Thin Thighs Are Associated With Heart Disease” by Dr Toni Brayer was welcome news.  Well, it doesn’t help with the frustration of clothes fitting, but does help with the “health” issue.  (photo credit)
Finally, a study that many women can like. The British Medical Journal published a study out of Denmark that looked at the association between thigh circumference and the incident of cardiovascular disease and mortality. Why anyone would even think of thigh circumference being of importance is beyond me, but the Danes seem to think it was important. They found people with thin thighs had more risk of developing heart disease or premature death.
More news I love!   MedPage Today article “Enzyme Injections Ease Dupuytren's Contractures” by   Nancy Walsh.  (photo credit)
Injections of the enzyme collagenase into the hands of patients with Dupuytren's disease resulted in significant improvements in joint contractures and range of motion, a phase III study found.

This week is Dr Anonymous doesn’t have a guest listed, but come join us anyway.  The show starts at 9 pm EST.


K. said...

Hmm...that thigh information is upsetting to me, since I'm more of an "apple" shape...although, I guess I already knew that I had a higher risk of heart disease thanks to the "apple" situation...

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you won "The Stranger" book on my blog!!! Please email me your mailing address and I'll have it out to you ASAP...

Anonymous said...

The exercise for tennis elbow also will often relieve the wrist and hand pain from repetitive stress problems. If you don't have that flexible bar, just cut a 1.5" diameter dowel about 18" and, using a rope, attach a 5 pound weight plate. Works a charm.