Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Registered!

Updated 3/2017--all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one. 

I have registered to attend the Blog World Expo.  At this time I am only registered for the Med Bloggers Panel on Thursday, but am looking forward to meeting all of you.  I have word from Dr Sid Schwab that he too is registered.  If his Visa comes through, then Bongi will be attending.  Those two alone should encourage the rest of you to attend.
Not enough.  Then check out the list of panelists from Dr Rob’s post, Blogworld Expo invaded by Medical Bloggers!!!
The following is a list of distinguished bloggers (and me) and the topics they are covering:
Panel #1 The State of the Health Blogosphere: We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby
Moderator: Kim McAllister, Emergiblog
Panelist: Kevin Pho, Kevin MD
Panelist: Nick Genes, Blogborygmi
Panelist: Kerri Sparling, SixUntilMe
Panel #2 Staying On The Good Side of HIPAA: Safe and Ethical Blogging Practices
Moderator: Mike Sevilla, Doctor Anonymous
Panelist: Rob Lamberts, Musings of a Distractible Mind
Panelist: Debra Farber, IBM
Panelist: Bob Coffield, Health Care Law Blog
Panel #3 Blogging For Change: How To Influence Healthcare Through Blogging
Moderator: Val Jones, Better Health
Panelist: Gary Schwitzer, Schwitzer Health News Blog
Panelist: Terri Polick, Nurse Ratched’s Place
Panelist: Gene Ostrovsky, Medgadget
Panel #4 The Value of Blogs To Hospitals, Industry, and News Organizations
Moderator: Gary Schwitzer, Health News Review
Panelist: Marc Monseau, Johnson & Johnson ’s JNJBTW Blog
Panelist: Bob Stern, MedPageToday
Panelist: Paul Levy, Running A Hospital

If you are a medical blogger, contact Kim (Emergiblog)  for information on registering.  You want to be sure you actually register for the Med Blog Panel.