Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Dermatology Blog

Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. and it was easier than checking each one. 

If you haven’t found The Dermatology Blog, you need to check it out.  It is written by Dr Jeffrey Benabio. 

Here is a sampling of his advise on his blog:
Skin Care Myths: Adding Sunscreens Adds SPF
Applying two sunscreens with an SPF of 15 gives you a total SPF of 15, not 30. The SPF you end up with is only the SPF of the highest sunscreen that you applied.
Facials Don’t Treat Wrinkles
Facials can be beneficial; they extract clogged pores, exfoliate dull, scaly skin, and give you a deep, invigorating cleansing, leaving your face smooth and silky. But facials cannot treat wrinkles, broken blood vessels, or brown spots.
5 Ways to Have Beautiful Lips
Stop smoking
This seems like a no-brainer, but it is important to mention here. Smoking is bad for lips for two reasons. First, smoking causes wrinkles and lips are prone to developing fine vertical lines that give lips a crepe paper look and make it nearly impossible to get a nice smooth line of lipstick……….

He also gives and RT’s some great advice on twitter (photo credit):

"Not all rashes are ringworm." - DermDoc6:44 PM Jun 7th from web
Sunburned today? Take motrin or advil; they block the inflammation and can lessen the burn.8:03 PM Jun 7th
This will make your skin crawl : 7:15 AM Jun 8th
@Ann_Sieg Unfortunately, not much else you can do. The oil (urushiol) that causes Poison Ivy absorbed in 1 hour. Rash develops in 8-12 hrs 2:29 PM Jun 8th from web in reply to Ann_Sieg
@Ann_Sieg Poison ivy rash lasts about 2 weeks. Oatmeal baths, calamine, topical steroids all can help.2:30 PM Jun 8th
@Ann_Sieg The best OTC treatment for poison ivy is cortisone 1% cream or calamine lotion. No product can stop the rash or speed recovery2:54 PM Jun 8th
The rash from poison ivy is caused by an oil (urushiol) and is not spread after the first few hours.2:59 PM Jun 8th
The rash from poison ivy develops in 8 to 12 hours and lasts for 2 weeks.3:00 PM Jun 8th
Washing your skin immediately (< 1 hr!) with soap and water and washing any contaminated clothes is the only way to prevent poison ivy.3:01 PM Jun 8th
RT @goodhealth Hair tip: Never shampoo before swimming, it strips away protective oils, leaving hair vulnerable to drying chemicals and salt
DermDoc says: Ivy Block can prevent poison ivy, but only if it is applied before exposure.
They Lied To You: There is no cure for cellulite.
DermDoc says: Your risk of skin cancer doubles after 5 or more sunburns.


Chrysalis said...

It isn't just smoking for the lines around the lips. I have a girlfriend that loves to drink her teas and such through a straw. She doesn't have the deep lines yet, but I wonder about that. I wonder too if some have been thought to be smokers when in fact they are drinking through straws. I've never heard anyone mention this.

Ben K said...

I love Jeffrey Benabio's blog. He always provides a ton of useful information and is a great read!