Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bags and Purses

I finished this bag this past weekend. The fabric used to be a skirt. The elephants march around the purse and are "seamed" together such that each elephant is whole. You have to look very closely to see the seam. The fabric is quilted. The bag is fully lined with a cardboard reinforced bottom. It has a Straight Hex-Open Frame closure (18") and 1.5" nylon straps. The pattern and hardware are from Ghee's. I made it to donate to a Silent Auction that the Historic Arkansas Museum will have this fall during a quilt exhibit.
I am working on a "messenger bag". It has 2 zipper pockets and 1 magnetic-snap pocket. It will have a long strap that can be worn across the body from shoulder to hip for security. The finished size will be 12 in. by 11 1/2 in. The back of the pattern states "A make it in minutes bag, use double faced quilted fabric with belting or webbing strap. For added pizzazz, chevron strip piece." Since I am quilting my own double faced fabric it is taking me longer, but I can use prettier fabric this way. It also gives me a chance to try to improve my "free motion" machine quilting. I do better with a walking foot and the start-stop method.


denverdoc said...

This reminds me of all the Indian bedspreads that I made into skirts and dresses during my hippie days. Now maybe I should pull them out and make them into bags.

I love this bag!

rlbates said...

When you do, I'd love to see the pictures.