Sunday, July 1, 2007

Color in Quilts

Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

I envy many quilt artists for their ability to use color, shape, and concept. They are able to use fabric to convey depth to “paint” a near-photo-like images (Lura Schwarz Smith's Seams a Lot Like Degas, Margot Lovinger's Untitled with Rose). Or use the shape of the quilt to enhance the motion and rhythm of the subject (The wavy borders of Moonglow Anemone by Carla Stehr). Or such effective use of color that the quilt simply vibrates with energy (Paula Nadelstem's kaleidoscope quilts, Plum Tango II by Janet Kurjan and Bonny Brewer’s Counterpoint). Or use color and stitching to convey movement (again Paula's kaleidoscope quilts, Melisse Laing's Whirlpool). Or how simply changing the colors in a quilt pattern changes the mood as in Jan Krentz's Lone Star quilts.

There are many sources to help you learn how to understand color. The picture is of a Tumbling Blocks quilt I did a few years ago. I am better than I was, but have so much farther to go. Here are a few sources. Jinny Beyer's Color Confidence For Quilters. Color for Quilters, Secrets for Color Success in Quiltmaking by Laui Linch-Zadel and Belina Sturgis. Color Play: Easy Steps to Imaginative Color in Quilts byJoen Wolfrom.   A nice "Workshop on Saturation" with a practice block at
I would encourage you to keep learning, keep trying new things. These things keep life interesting. It doesn't have to be quilting. It can be this new medium called blogging. Or a new language or how to play an instrument or bridge or dancing. Learning is useful in slowing mental decline, but not as much as exercise. So don't neglect that daily walk.


Anonymous said...

Your tumbling block quilt is beautiful! I started quilting somewhere back in 2000, but I'm not consistent (I'll quilt for months, then I'll stop for several months, etc.). Pretty quilts like yours inspire me to head back to the sewing machine. :o)

LynnS said...

Oh, your Tumbling Block quilt is gorgeous!! I would love to make one "some day".

We must be of like-minds. Just this morning, I wrote a blog entry on color and gardening. Your Sunshine and Shadow quilt is breathtaking. (Me and my love affair with purple talking!)

I've enjoyed reading your blog! I'm very left-brained, so your blog is just my style. The arts styme me, so I have to work at it.