Friday, April 20, 2012

Tree of Life Quilt

I made this quilt in 1992.  I combined two pattern – the tree of life and maple leaves.  I used the fabric from a madras plaid skirt/shirt I had and loved, but needed to be retired.  Sorry the photos are better, but they were taken with the quilt on the bed and me standing on the foot board for most of them.
My attempt to get the photo more “straight-on” is slightly fussy.  The quilt is machine pieced and quilted.  I quilted in in sections (the sides, the end, and the main section) and then sewed them together.
The is shaped to overhang the sides of the bed and not get hung up.
Here is a better photo of the maple leaves.
Each maple leave block is 6 in square.
Here is a sketch of the layout with measurements.

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Chrysalis said...

You are so talented, Ramona. I love to see the beautiful things you make.