Friday, April 13, 2012

Dog in the Yard House Quilt

This is the small quilt I made for the 2012 Alliance for American Quilt “home is where the heart is” contest.  The deadline isn’t until June 1, 2012 so there is time for you to enter if you are interested.
I used multiple techniques to make the quilt, beginning with machine piecing.  I initially screwed up the measurements with the base of the house being 12 in X 12 in rather than the 12 in high X 15 in wide specified by the contest rules.   I had to redo it, but the mistake worked it my favor (thankfully) and it looked better and gave me room for the windows.
The finished size is 15 in wide X 19.5 in high.  It is machine and hand quilted. 

I used Mistyfuse to apply the fussy cut dog with his house onto the quilt prior to doing the quilting.  I used Textures Magic (my first experience with it) to make the bushes which I hand appliqued after finishing the quilting.
I again used Mistyfuse to add the fussy cut cat.  I embroidered the ivy onto the house walls.
The windows, the door, and this attic window were fussy cut.
Here is the back before adding the ring and sleeve specified for hanging.
This photo and the next show the detail of the quilting better.


SeaSpray said...

Oh ..Ramona! That is just adorable and a lot of work. Love it! :)

Chrysalis said...

That is adorable!! So cute.

Allison said...

Very nicely done! Beautiful quilting. Almost makes me want to start up again.