Friday, January 27, 2012

re-su yukata Sweater

I undertook this challenge back in October 2011.  I recently finished it.  I love/hate it. 
The sweater is a shortened version of the re-su yukata pattern from the book Knit Kimona Too. The yarn is The Fibre Company Terra in black walnut.
I like how the sleeves fit.  I like how the back looks.

I’m not happy with the tension of my band edge which always it to “wave.”  The neck looks unsymmetrical to me.
I love the button and the I-cord closure.

I’ve put it aside for now.  Trying to decide whether to keep it or give it to someone who wouldn’t see the flaws and would love it.


Anonymous said...

ah, just wear it.... it is going to be a short winter...

Chrysalis said...

Love that closure, too. The sweater looks beautiful.

Without seeing it in person...what about a snap placed to make the edge up against the other edge more flush. It doesn't look asymmetrical to me, but that it might just need to be secured flush with the other side when closed. Mind you I can't make a I'm little help in this area.

SeaSpray said...

It's pretty. My d-i-l makes beautiful things too. Amazing what is created from a skein of wool. From string to beautiful creation.