Friday, January 13, 2012

More Surgeon’s Caps

These are caps I made between just before Christmas and the first part of January. 
The first ones went to @doctorwes after he made his request for photos of Christmas themed clothing seen at work. 
I then decided I needed to use some of this lovely fabric from Africa given to me by an old high school friend to make @Bongi1  and @globalsurgeon surgeon’s caps.  I gave bongi his choice and he chose the colorful ones.  No photo of him wearing his, but received this nice tweet.
@globalsurgeon did share a photo of @ReinouGroen via twitter wearing one of his (theirs):

These two went to @bramzo after he made an innocent comment in regards to @Bongi1 receiving his.

I have shared my pattern via google docs (pdf file).
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Elaine Schattner said...

Nice, Ramona! And you are so generous -

Chrysalis said...

Very cool! Check out that Dr. Wes- he is stylin'. Ha. They look great on them.

Unknown said...

looks so cool!!

Maite said...

wow! are so beautiful! I can't see your pattern. Could you send me please? I'm a neonatal nurse and in our hospital we haven't got beautiful hats. I think it's a good oportunity to try to do.

rlbates said...

Maite, there is a link to my pdf for the pattern at the end of the blog post. It may not open automatically and you may have to click on the "download" button to see it.