Friday, December 2, 2011

Paper Airplane Quilt

I made this quilt almost 20 years ago in 1992 as part of challenge to use the selected fabrics.  I do not recall why I decided to use them to depict how a paper airplane was made, but as you can see that is what I did.
The quilt is machine pieced.  It is machine and hand quilted.  It measures 53 in X 15 in.
Here is the first panel which represents the unfolded sheet of typing paper. 
Follow the fabrics through the panels as the “sheet” is folded on itself.

The finished paper airplane.
I didn’t put a binding on this quilt.  It is finished by using a black piping trim.


Chrysalis said...

That is beautiful, Ramona. Those are my favorite colors! I see you have some interested parties already, so I bow to them. I already have one gorgeous quilt I cherish. Thank you, again. :)

Jabulani said...

What a brilliant idea! Never ceases to amaze me how you can think up the fabulous patterns and colourways. This is so pretty.