Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy 4th Blogiversary to me!

Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active. 

Four years ago I began this blog.  It amazes me to realize all the wonderful people I have meet (some even in real life) along the way.   Many are still actively writing, but others are not and I miss them.
I miss SurgeXperiences, a grand rounds of surgery related posts.
I miss Surgeonsblog.  Go read some of the “sampler” posts.
I miss Ant Ears written by a surgery resident.  Thoughtful, well written, deleted so not even there to go back and read.  From one of my old “shout out” post, I found the exert that described why he called his blog  Ant Ears
"Ant ears” is surgical jargon for the perfect length.  The medical student will repeatedly be asked to cut suture.  Sometimes the knot will accidentally be cut, but most times the student will cut “too long” or “too short”.  Fifty or more attempts will usually produce a reliable knot cutter capable of trying more advanced techniques like tying suture around some non vital structure - maybe closing skin or holding a drain in place.
I miss Dr. Rob, Musing of a Distractible Mind, who “unplugged” back December 30, 2010.  He has recently re-emerged on twitter so perhaps he will begin to write again.
I wonder what happened to Bright Lights, Cold Steel, “a surgery resident in the fifth and last year of training. Desperately seeking balance,” who’s last post was in 2008.  Are you in private practice?  Have you joined a group?  Are you an academic surgeon?  I hope you are doing well.
While Moof, All Blogged Up: A Moof's Tale, and the Merry Laundress don’t blog any more, I get to play scrabble with them on facebook.  I correspond with Chrysalis Angel via email.
There are others I miss as well:
Charmaine's Pastry Blog  (last post December 2010)
Donorcycle (last post February 2010)
IntraopOrate (last post January 2011)
Just Up The Dose (last post October 2009)
Marianas Eye (November 2009)
Rural Doctoring (last post August 2010)

I apologize to all of you for not being as active in leaving comments on your blog posts these days.   Thank you for enriching my life.


Paul Levy said...

Congratulations! You have brought great pleasure and insights to so many!

StorytellERdoc said...

Hi Ramona!

Happy Birthday to you! It is quite impressive to think you have been doing this consistently for four years! That is a remarkable feat, and I congratulate you on your diligence and great posts!

Not an easy accomplishment...well done!


DrB said...

I, too, admire your diligence!! 4 years! ... although I thought it was longer still. :) The truly admirable thing is that your blogs are not only consistent, but consistently insightful and smart. Thank you!

Dr. Val said...

Happy blogiversary to you! The medical blogosphere wouldn't be the same without you, Ramona. I'm so glad you're keeping in touch with everyone... Blogging is an endurance sport, and you're one of the fittest! ;-)

DrWes said...

Ramona -

Over the years, I have had not only the pleasure to read your blog, but meet you in person and share your kindness. Irrespective of where your blog has lead you so far, I am forever grateful that our paths have collided as a result.

Congrats to you and may you have another equally-satisfying four more!

Mark Graban said...

Congrats! Just got introduced to your blog by Paul Levy... looking forward to continuing to follow you.

e-Patient Dave said...

Mazel tov!

Vijay said...

Congratulations on completing four years of consistently professional medical blogging, Ramona!

To all those who follow this blog, if you don't follow Ramona in twitter & haven't seen her other two blogs, you're missing a lot of her online contributions. Rectify that immediately. 

Linda Pourmassina, MD said...

Congratulations! I appreciate writers and people on Twitter whose thoughtfulness shines through, like yourself. Next year, you need to have a party for the big 5! -Linda

Bob Coffield said...

Happy Blog-irthday! Like Dr. Wes I treasure having been able to meet you in person. I also love that you have a common understanding of West Virginia as a result of spending time here during your residency and working with Dr. Kappel. I've been doing this blog thing for 7 years now - so I understand the ups and downs of posting. Keep up the posts.

Christian Sinclair said...

Hey Ramona!

Thanks so much for writing (a solo blog no less!) all of these years. You have done great work. You make a good point about comments on other people's blogs. It seems that only a few years ago I was doing that much more often. But with Twitter it seems less so these days. I have made a few efforts to start commenting more consistently, but it is hard to keep up at times. I am so happy for your anniversary. Keep blogging!

rlbates said...

Thank you all!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Happy Anniversary - I had no idea. I really enjoyed hanging out with you on Saturday - relieving the masses (well one of many anyway) of their blisters! Thanks for joining me.

Dr. A said...

Happy Blogiversary! You have not only been a great member of the medical blogosphere, you have been a great friend to me and to my social media projects. Thanks so much for all that you do. Congratulations!

Chrysalis said...

Happy Blogiversary, Ramona!!! I am glad that you are still doing your postings. I miss so many, too.

Sandra said...

Congratulations, Ramona! I love both your medical and quilting posts. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Happy b-versary to you!

Jeffrey Parks MD FACS said...

Congrats Ramona. You're a linchpin in the medical blogging world. I appreciate your support over the years. And you make a damn fine quilt.

rlbates said...

Thank you, Buckeye.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ramona - Happy Blogiversary!! I thought you were around longer than 4 years. You have a stellar blog. Most informative and a lot of work goes into it. I often read from bloglines and have been remiss in getting out to comment as often in the blogosphere, but hope springs eternal.

You are such a busy woman and you also have two other blogs?

Do you sleep? :)

I will always remember your kindness and generosity to my family. Thank you for the times you've taken the time to be a support to me via comments/e-mail.You're obviously a blessing to so many Ramona.

I miss the bloggers that have closed down too. I also miss Dr Keagirl from Urostream, Scalpel and Charity doc. Maybe they will all reopen their blogs sometime in the future.

So ...again ...Happy 4th Blogiversary and may you have many more. If i could ...i'd send you a yummy cyber birthday cake. :)

T. said...

Belated Happy Blogiversary, my blogiversary sister!