Monday, May 23, 2011

Customer Service via Twitter

It seems that over the years I have ended up with a different Norton Anti-virus product key for three different computers rather than one for all three.  The renewal emails are staggered through the spring.
This week I decided to tackle the issue and see if I could get it changed.  I visited the website and when I saw the option of contacting them via twitter I did just that.
Twitter worked!
I sent my question to @nortonforumsusa which began an email correspondence.   Within less than 24 hours I had all three computers running Norton 360 Premier under the same product key.
The first contact, TL, even forwarded my question regarding refund or credit from the other two to customer relations rep RV who gave me two options (I chose the credit one).
One reason it worked for me was I did my homework before I contacted them.  I helped them help me by having all three product key numbers available, giving them a working email address, and responded to their questions quickly.
This post is simply meant to be a public expression of gratitude and thanks for how well Norton’s customer service worked.  Thanks to TL and RV.
But I will take it further ----
Perhaps hospitals and clinics could use twitter the same way for non-emergency/non-diagnostic/non-treatment issues like billing, scheduling, etc. 
First, a public request for help.  Second, take the help to a private venue (email or phone).

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