Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fabric Postcards

The first fabric postcard I ever made I sent to Intueri.   Since then I have made two more.  The second one I made in July and called “Toes in the Water.”  I sent it to a friend for her birthday.  It measured 5 in X 7 in.
The third one is “Happy.”  I made it for friends who were married August 20, 1960 and just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  It is 5 in X 7.5 in.


SeaSpray said...

I LOVE that card Ramona!!!

50 yrs something to be proud of. We will be 35 yrs in October and dated 3 yrs before that. Goes by so quickly!

I'm a flip flop girl.

Nothing says warm weather, summer and fun like a pair of flip flops. And now so many are really pretty and cute.

People must love getting your creations. Oh wait ..I KNOW they do. :)

I have one friend (her business blog on my blogroll - A passion for stamps), that makes the best cards. She is creative and they are beautiful. I've saved every single one over the years. I could never throw them out.

So many good ones ..but my favorite is aqua (of course my fav)with a bow and layers of card stock (Not a plain card ..yet simple)and an encouraging scripture verse inside.

She also does calligraphy.

SeaSpray said...

Also - I think it would be neat to frame them for permanent display. :)

Tummy Tuck Surgeon said...

Thos postcards are you have any for sale?

rlbates said...

TummyTuckSurgeon, I don't have any fabric postcards for sale, but do have some quilts for sale on Etsy (

Do you have something specific in mind? Email me (rlbatesmd AT gmail DOT com)