Saturday, April 24, 2010

Picture Worth a Thousand Words

“All done, just need a dressing.”

Can you take a photo?  I want to show my friends,” the teen holds out his cell phone.

“Sure, how’s your phone's camera work?”  removing my gloves, I reach take the phone.  “Do you want to know how many stitches?”

No, just the pictures.  Push this button.”


Jabulani said...


SeaSpray said...

Aww that was sweet of you.

Amazing what phones can do!

What does sq2m mean?

Jabulani said...

SeaSpray, Bongi uses lq2m which is laugh quietly to myself. I told him I don't always lq2m, I sometimes sq2m which is smile quietly to myself.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Jabulani. I thought it was a medical reference.

Okay girls you can lq2y's. :)

I put this up with previous comment ..then took down ..but I'll share. Why not among friends?

Last Monday I was about to get synvisk 1 injections in both knees for the 1st time and I was already feeling nervous about the pain. Not afraid of needles but this is 3 injections of medication in one. Anyway the needle looked so BIG that I asked orthodoc if I could take a picture and I took 2 of his gloved hand holding the needle. he laughed and said no one asked him to do that before.

In retrospect ..I hope he really was alright with it ..but being a physician/surgeon ..I would assume he'd speak up if he wasn't. It's for a future blog post sometime. :)