Friday, April 23, 2010

Global Quilt Project Squares

Last Friday I posted about Global Quilt Project Seeks Quilters Worldwide.  I made/finished six quilt squares – four 9.5 inch squares and two 12.5 inch squares.

Here are the 9.5 inch squares.  You may recognize some of the squares.  The upper left and lower right were left over from this baby quilt.  I added an extra round to make them large enough.  The upper right one was left over from this quilt and was the perfect size already.  The lower left was made up using left over blocks from this project.

This 12.5 inch square was made using left over pieces.  You may recognize some of the fabric from this quilt.
This one was too.  The floral fabric is left over from the back of this quilt.

Don’t forget they would like to have the donated blocks by May 30th in order to have the quilt pieced together and to allow time for showing and promoting this fund-raising project.

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Jabulani said...

Good for you. These are lovely. I'm really hoping I can make at least one before 30th May...but I know how fast my time gets sucked away by the school business. Being a governor is sometimes a huge pain. So nice to see some of those fabrics again.