Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grand Rounds, the iPhone Edition

Updated 3/2017-- all links removed as many no longer are active.

You don't have to stand in line for this iPhone 3G edition of Grand Rounds. Just head on over to MyThreeShrinks (Shrink Rap) and settle in.
Welcome to Grand Rounds, Volume 4, #40 (see future GR schedule). If you missed our first Grand Rounds last year, with our amazing Clicky Brain, then feel free to pause and enjoy. This year, since the anticipated release of the Apple iPhone 3G is just around the corner (July 11), we asked for submissions to have some connection to the iPhone, no matter how twisted the logic is to make the connection. The bloggers obliged. So we are including, free of charge, our Clicky iPhone, which will let you visually navigate this week's Grand Rounds submissions. Of course, below that is the regular text for you old-schoolers. And if you have low vision or prefer to LISTEN to your Grand Rounds, you can get our PODCAST of it HERE.
Their Clicky iPhone is wonderful! You really need to head on over there and try it out.

Now, a request from me. I am trying to decide whether I am tech savvy enough to use the iPhone (and all it's features). I am not an Apple user. Will I be able to get it to work easily with my Windows PC to "sync" my calendar, addresses, etc? I have gotten some input from a few friends (Vijay, Symtym, Laura), but any other would be appreciated. I really want one, just want to be able to do everything without too much frustration. I don't think I am very tech savvy. Thanks for your input.


Dr. Shock said...

I use apple so I wouldn't if it would work with Windows from my own experience. My wife wants an official iphone (I have a hacked one) and she uses windows.I have been searching all kind of nerdy geeky forums and they all tell me it will work on windows with outlook and itunes.
But the iphone is especially useful if you also want to use it as an ipod. The telephone is OK, I even managed to post a post to my blog with the iphone without the 3G so internet and especially wifi are very good.
Text messaging is not very quick. So to summarize the iphone is not a great phone or push email device (buy blackberry) or ideal for text messaging but the iphone is perfect for music, internet and all kinds of applications such as google maps, internet etc.The design and touch screen are cool and it looks great.
Regards Dr Shock

rlbates said...

Thanks for the information.

Jeffrey said...

i certainly think its possible. it wont be too difficult to figure out how. im sure it will just sync well. the people at the apple store will be glad to help.

my solution will be to get a macbook air instead. have you seen it? ;)

Roy said...

Ramona, thanks for putting up your post linking to our GR. We'll have a podcast up sometime tomorrow with about 10 of the bloggers featured on My Three Shrinks.

And you can hear Dr Shock's wonderful accent!

rlbates said...

Jeffrey, I haven't seen the Macbook air. After reading Dr Shock's message, I feel like I need to sit down and do an inventory of what I might use it for. Right now I simply use my phone as a phone.

Roy, you are so welcome. It is a grand edition.

Jeffrey said...

well you could use it as a ipod. great company anywhere - in the OR, in the car, on the run, at the cafe.

better yet, while listening to your music, surf the net. check your email. check out the latest blog entries. use facebook.

and then there's epocrates a drug search software. and netter's flash cards, which are great for explaining anatomy to patients, i reckon.

Vijay said...

Here's some more input from me.

I let my wife & my daughter experiment on a borrowed iPod Touch & a borrowed cracked iPhone. I can vouch for the fact that they are not tech savvy and they picked up the fundamentals very fast.

I have to disagree with Dr.Shock over a couple of points. The new 3G iPhone has push email - similar to the B'berry. And texting is quite easy on the touch screen keyboard even for a guy like me (fat fingers).

Seconding what Jeffrey said above, the new iPhone will have a lot of applications including medical stuff which would be very useful in practice.

Try one out in the local Apple Store. Watch a movie on it. Amazing. Play some of the games that use the accelerometer. Play with taking pictures & adjusting them. I think it's the ideal phone for a non-tech savvy person who has a fairly busy online presence - be it either for business or pleasure (blogs & social networking).

Dr.A has been an iPhone user since its launch. Though he uses a Mac laptop, he might be using it to sync with Windows PCs at work. Check with him too

rlbates said...

Thanks Vijay.