Monday, June 2, 2008

Eye Patches

Recently one of my blog friends mentioned the need for a Latex free eye patch. She has double vision from her myasthenia gravis. She has a Latex allergy. My local stores don't care any latex free eye patches. The elastic has latex, so the readily available ones won't work for her. I bought one of the eye patches (less than $2) to use as a pattern. I don't know her size, but using myself I tried it on and trimmed it until it was "comfortable". This then became my pattern.
I had some Ultrasuede scraps that I used for the patches which I stiffen with a heavy-weight iron-on backing. To protect her from the elastic, I covered the 1/8 in elastic with 1/4 in double folded bias tape.

I am going to mail her the "pattern" and some extra supplies along with the two finished eye patches. She has mentioned a friend near her that sews. So if she wants more, maybe that friend can make them for her. Especially, if these two don't fit properly.
I tried to get Rusty to model the patch, but he didn't like having it over his eye. Bless him, he did allow this photo.

If you don't want to make your own, but would like something other than the basic patch found in most stores try the links found here on the message board of the American Foundation for the Blind.


Dreaming again said...

So cute! thank you so much! how thoughtful of you!
How creative!

Dreaming again said...

They arrived today, and fit perfectly.

Today, was a great day for them to arrive as well ..after a day of shopping and driving around with the boys, I'm a bit tired. It is incredible how much, just something like the eye patch, even for just 45 minutes will relieve the fatique. Thank you!!!

rlbates said...

You are so welcome. I am thrilled that they fit.

Unknown said...

Hooray for the non-latex eye patch -- and to you, rb, for coming up with it! Like your simple solution for using elastic but keeping it under wraps, non-crafty sorts like myself would never have thought of that!

My mom is needing one of these too, some sort of weird third ocular nerve thing causes her eyelid to slam shut most of each day. Mostly a cosmetic eye patch for her, she is embarrassed to walk around with one eye shut all the time...thanks to you, now I know how to make one.

ps Rusty looks quite dignified in his toupee/yarmulke/eyepatch!

rlbates said...

Glad I could help you out Merry. Sorry that your Mom needs one though.