Saturday, February 2, 2008

Twisted Ribbon Quilt

I made this quilt in 2004. The white is a cotton flannel. The black is a cotton velvet left over after making a dress for one of the nieces. The print is a cotton-linen found in the bargain bin at the fabric store. The limited amounts of the black and print determined the size and helped dictate the border. I found the block design in Jinny Beyer's book, The Quilter's Album of Blocks and Borders (copyright 1980). A friend found the book at an "antique" store for $4. It is a wonderful book. 

The quilt is 45 inches X 56 inches and usually lays over the back of my husband's lazy-boy chair. Rusty insisted on getting in the picture.

A close-up. Sorry the quilting doesn't show better. The centers are quilted with roses. The ribbons are out-lined quilted.


Dr. Smak said...

Ramona - what a neat quilt! You have such an eye. And I love the black and white.

How is it pieced? Do you start with the small square and work your way out? Those angles look difficult.

rlbates said...

Dr Smak, it's machine pieced. I just was careful to mark each "corner" and started and stopped there. Can't recall if I started around the hexagon or the square, but I think it was the square.

Dreaming again said...

I love it!!!
I love the black and white too!!

Unknown said...

It is beautiful, Ramona.

Simple and beautiful = simply beautiful. I envy you, it takes talent to pick the pattern and fabric too nevermind the needlework.

ps c1980 in an antique shop? Ouch.
hot tip: check out your public library for lots of cool (and often out-of-print) quilt pattern books. Small print runs on a lot of titles so secondhand bookshops or libraries are great resources!

rlbates said...

Thanks Dreamina and Laundress.

Dr. Val said...

I remember seeing that quilt in person! I really like it! :)

rlbates said...

Thanks Val!