Saturday, February 9, 2008

Basket Quilt

This is a basket quilt I made in 2000. I don't recall where I got the pattern. The quilt is 41 inches square. The baskets were fused on and then blanket stitched with embroidery thread.
The quilting was done by machine.
It's easier to see the stitching detail on this basket.
Each flower petal begins with a circle. The circle is folded into quarters and gathered along the edge. Each flower takes five petals. The center is a "yo-yo" and a button.
This techniques give 3-D to the flowers, as they are only attached with the button center.

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SeaSpray said...

Longaberger girl that I am ...I LOVE this! I've always had a fondness for baskets and in our family room we have 2 beams that run horizontally across and I have various baskets all the way across on both of them. they are just regular baskets found at a yard sale or something came inn or someone gave me and they all have a story. I think it's sweet that friends knowing my fondness for them would bring me one. One was from her dad's funeral. Aww. Sad - but I see the sweetness in her wanting me to have it. Some were old from an elderly aunt, etc. And then I discovered Longaberger but all those baskets are in more accessible places because I use them often ..even for delivering goodies to people. :) And I hope our sons and grandchildren will have fond memories of the LB and will keep and use someday and have good memories from when they were growing up. Well this was long. Quilt certainly evoked a response. :)