Sunday, January 27, 2008

This and That, Catching Up

Updated 3/2017 -- all links removed as many no longer active and it was easier than checking each one.

We made it to the Canstruction. Here's a photo of the Simpsons I took. If you want to see the other photos I took, you can check them out here. I really liked the Big Can Bridge, but don't think it shows as well in the photos as the Simpsons.

Also want to remind everyone about SurgeXperiences #114. It will be hosted at Anesthesioboist on February 3. The deadline for submissions is February 1. The current edition, SurgeXperiences 113 is up over at Counting Sheep. Terry calls her edition "Operating After Hours".
And last, but not least I want to give a "heads up" to an upcoming HBO documentary that is due to air January 29, 2008. It is called "Badhdad Hospital, Inside the Red Zone". As you all may know, Chris over at "Made A Difference For That One: A Surgeon's Letters Home From Iraq" has recently returned to the United States from Iraq. He has the following to say about the upcoming show:
"I only got to see life within the rarified confines of Balad airbase, and once the 86th CSH in Baghdad, so this is a perspective of Iraq I did not have. I will say that I heard some of my patients say things very similar to those portrayed in the clips.
Clip 1: Ambulance pickup at a market after a suicide
Clip 2: Introduction in the hospital I think that the clips were filmed in 2007. Hopefully we see less of thes attacks as time goes by. In the first clip when I heard the line "Only the children playing outside." I could feel a sense of a parent's worry for their own children above one's own safety, yet also a feeling of guilt in knowing they were someone's children."

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cool pics and thanks for the heads up on the HBO special.