Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I've been tagged

Updated 3/2017-- photos and all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

I was tagged by Merry Laundress, so I will participate.  I won't be tagging anyone else.  I was tagged back in September 2007.  Here are the rules, if anyone just wants to participate.

7 weird/random things about me
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7 weird/random things about me
  • I put ketchup on my chicken pot pie.
  • I love coffee.  I first started drinking it as an intern.  Just having something to drink helped keep me awake.  Then it never kept me from sleeping.  Now I have to switch to decaf after lunch so it won't keep me from sleeping.
  • My favorite Die Hard movie is the second one.  I don't think of myself as vengeful, but I like when the fuel trail is lit and the plane  full of the bad guys explodes leaving a lighted path for all the other planes to land safely.
  • I was a physics major in college.  I got my degree BA degree (with High Honors) in only 3 years. 
  • I once took an F on a school report because I was too scared to give the oral report.  That was in the 4th grade.  Public speaking still makes my knees shake but I can get through it.
  • I love to play cards.  I am fair at Rook and Spades.  I would like to learn how to play Bridge.
  • I dislike dusting.  It gets put off until I just can't stand looking at it any more.  Sure wish my husband would do it, but it never seems to bug him.


Chrysalis said...

Well that scored a zero on the weirdo meter. 4 of those sound just like me, not the ketchup on the pot pie however. :P Impressive about your BA, excellent!

make mine trauma said...

Definitely not wierd.
I took an F in Jr High P.E. (gymnastics) because I have vertigo and refused to do the balance beam or the uneven parallel bars.

I also agree about public speaking!