Thursday, June 21, 2007

Size Matters

Updated 3/2017-- all links (except to my own posts) removed as many no longer active.

You know size does matter. In quilting and in bust size. When making a quilt, it helps to decide what you want its function to be. For the QOV group, the suggested size is --Your top should be at least 50"x 60". Please don't go larger than a twin sized (63" x 87"). I try to make mine 50" X 70". If I am making a baby quilt for a friend or relative, then it will vary, 36" X 48" or maybe 45" X 60".

When I am talking to a woman about breast size, the question is often what size should I be? We (she and I) may be deciding how much larger (an augmentation) or how much smaller (a reduction) to make her breasts. The deciding factors in my mind are her body type (height, weight, bone structure), her personality (or as good a handle as I can get on it during our time together--I ask them to be honest with themselves about "entering a room bust first"), how they want their clothing to fit. Off the rack clothing is usually sized for a B/C bra cup for the corresponding chest measurement. Anyone fuller busted often has to buy a size larger and then the shoulders may be too large, or safety pin the "gaping buttons" or have clothing custom made. So the augmentations, I try to caution not to go too large (C cup for shorter and up to D for taller women). For reduction patients, I try to caution them not to go too small (some think they want to be A or B cups due to the extreme discomfort they have endured). Most of us women have hips that need C cups to truly balance them, and these women will get the relief they seek in part from the intrinsic lift that comes with a breast reduction. The final say in size is theirs (the patient), but when they ask my opinion I tell them. I am conservative when it comes to breast size. For my taste, bigger is not always better (most of us can not carry off the Dolly Parton look and yet she makes "hers" look good).

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