Monday, June 4, 2007

Flying Geese--a finished project

This is a picture of the finished quilt top from the previous post (Paper Work). It is 51" X 70" and will now be sent to a quilter (part of the QOV group). When finished it will be sent to a wounded (& hopefully recovering) soldier. The pattern is Flying Geese.
Now I will get to start planning another. I will get to go through my quilt books, get my sketch pad out (graph paper), and colored pencils. Then I will get to go through the fabrics I have on hand prior to going off to the fabric store. I had to make myself start doing this last step a few years ago as my "stash" got out of control. Now it is part of the challenge to use what I have and to only add as I need. [Don't always leave the fabric store with just what I went in for.]

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denverdoc said...

What a spectacular quilt! What a spectacular use for this gorgeous quilt!