Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I find this to be a fascinating instrument. It is to be used during the de-epithelization of the breast pedicle of a reduction mammoplasty. (photo credit)

I was taught to use an Esmark bandage to wrap the base of the breast to aid in the de-epithelization. It acts as both a tourniquet and makes the process simpler as the breast remains “fuller.”

I saw the ad in a journal recently and went to their website. The site shows how to use the Mammostat. I wonder if it is easier to use than the Esmark (which is very easy to use). Curious about the cost, I called and was told it is $299. It is reusable which the Esmark is not. So it might have long term cost savings.

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DrB said...

Wow, the plastic surgeons I worked with during my hand fellowship all used a simple lap pad tied very tightly at the base of the breast.

Oh, and by the way, I have been splinting my carpal tunnels for only a week now (as opposed to 3). So far, they are all doing great (about 10 or so). :)