Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wonky Star Blocks

As you know, Australia has had horrible bushfires recently with loss of entire communities, businesses, homes, and lives.  Knowing I quilt, Dr Cris sent this tweet out. 

DrCris  DrCris  Just found this:  People piecing quilts to send to Victorians in wake of bushfires

Here are three  Wonky Star Blocks that I have made and sent.

There are two addresses to mail finished blocks:

US APO address - "local" to those mailing from the US, so postage will be much less expensive:
Tia Curtis
PSC 276 BOX 89
APO AP 96548 USA
Australian street address:
Tia Curtis
18 Forrest Crescent
Gillen Suburb
Alice Springs, NT 0870

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Penny Sanford Fikesw said...

Gonna share this with my quilt email groups and in-state quilt organizations! Great use for orphan blocks. Thanks for sharing link and addresses!

Jabulani said...

What a lovely gesture and what a lovely idea. I see you've used my favourite fabric again.