Friday, March 3, 2017

She Persisted Quilted Postcard

The current political climate has inspired me to make several quilted postcards.  The first one I made was this one.  It features the Stature of Liberty with the American flag as the background with the words "nevertheless she persisted" written on it.  It measures 6 in X 8 in. 
My hope is that my country will not just persist but that my fellow countrymen/women (including myself) will somehow work together to make our country a better place.  Welcoming immigrants (because we all are immigrants or descendants of immigrants).  Improving healthcare coverage.  Making sure those with preexisting conditions can obtain affordable insurance coverage. Reining in healthcare and prescription medication costs.  Ensuring eligible voters have no barriers to prevent them from exercising their right to vote.  Improving education.  Making higher education and vocational job training is affordable.  Improving safety in all facets of life -- decreasing domestic violence, decreasing sexual assaults, decreasing violent crimes, decreasing accidental and purposeful gun deaths/injuries, decreasing suicides.  Making sure we have good air and water.  

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