Friday, April 18, 2014

OMG Dn't Txt n Wlk Quilt

This is my quilt entry for the 2014 Alliance for American Quilts contest.  The theme is “inspired by” with the size specified at 16 in square.  I used the drunkard path quilts to “inspire” me along with the news articles regarding texting while walking (remember the one where the guy walked into a bear?).  Rather than piecing the drunkard’s or in this case texter’s path, I chose to keep it as one piece which I hand appliqued onto the background.  This was done so the background fabric with the bear, fox, and other animals would be intact. 
This next one is a detail photo so you can see the background fabric with the bear and fox which represent "hidden" dangers as the walker ventures off the path stepping on the flowers.  The flowers are fussy cut from a flora print and fused in place.  The footsteps are also fused in place.  The quilt is machine quilted.

Here is a photo of the back with the sleeve sewn on, but before I added the label.

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SeaSpray said...

What a clever, fun quilt ..with a message too.

I never saw the bear video. I thought we shouldn't run from bears but calmly back away and no eye contact ..and make noise. They can easily overtake a human. We have so many around here and now they will soon be a common occurrence lumbering thru our yards.