Friday, October 4, 2013

Modified Girlie Mitts

I liked the cuff and back of this fingerless mitten pattern.  I didn't like the way the thumb was done, no gusset.  So I changed it.  I "rewrote" the pattern (Girlie Mitts by Kristle Chester) to include a thumb gusset and to add the trim at the palm edge that mirrors the cuff.   I knit them using two yarns knit together:  Lion Brand LB 1878 and Rowan Kidsilk Haze Glamour (has sequins).
They fit nicely though I wish they were just a bit snugger.
Here are my changes to the pattern as per left mitt.  The right mitt changes would mirror these.
Round 25:  p1, K29, *p1, K4* to end.
Round 26:  p1, t4b, *K1, t4b* 6 times, *p1, t4b* 3 times
Round 27:  p1, K34, *p1,K4* 3 times
Round 28:  p1, K10, Fishtail Lace panel, K7,  *p1,K4* to end
Round 29:  p1, K10, lace panel, K7, *p1,K4* to end
Round 30:  p1, K10, lace panel, K7, *p1, K4* to end
Round 31:  p1,K10, lace panel, K7, *p1, K4* to end
Row 32 is where I started the thumb gusset.
Row32:  p1, K4, place marker, M1R, K1, M1L, place marker, K5, lace panel, K7, *p1, K4* to end
Row 33:  p1, K12, lace panel, K7, *p1, K4* to end
Even rows now will be same as row 32 until there are 17 stitches between markers.  Do next row in pattern (ie like row 33, knitting all stitches between p1 and lace panel section), then the next row (not sure what the number is as I ended up repeating the lace panel pattern a total of 4 times by the time the gloves were finished rather than twice as called for by the original pattern.  Anyway on the first even row after getting to 17 stitches between markers, p1, knit 4, remove marker, place 17 stitches on waste yarn, remove second marker, add 1 stitch by using yarn to “cast on stitch”, K5, lace panel, K7, *p1, K4* to end. 
Continue in pattern to end of the 4th repeat lace panel.
Repeat Round 1-4, then bind off.
place 17 stitches from waste yarn on needles and pick up 3 stitches where inside of thumb joins mitt for total of 20 stitches.   Knit 3 rounds.  Knit round 1-4, then bind off.

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