Friday, June 28, 2013

Finished -- Crazy Baby Quilt

Actually finished this quilt a couple of weeks ago.  In  fact, @purplesque has already received it.  It is machine pieced and quilted.  She has promised to write a story or stories using the details in the quilt.  I am looking forward to them.

The finished quilt measures approx 38 in X 42 in. 

The back is a combination of two yellow fabrics.  It shows the “Baptist fans” quilting.

Here are some photos to show some of the details.  Silly story:  The tabby cat drove the race car to the shore to see the fish and seahorse.  Along the way she stopped to admire the butterfly flittering around the flower.

Silly story #2: Holly Hobby sit among the trees thinking of monkeys and hippos she had seen at the zoo.  She looked forward to going to the football game later.

Silly story #3:  Two best friends lay in the sunshine taking of ballerina bears, pet rabbits, and riding in their aunt’s little red sports car along highway 66.

Silly story #4:  A dog, giraffe, and roster took a drive in the BelAir to hear the pink bunnies band.  What a grand time was had by all.

Silly story #5:  The skier slide down the hill on his bottom while the dogs looked on.  Pooh Bear tried to interest Holly in catching fireflies with him in the moonlight.

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Jabulani said...

I totally love this quilt. Seeing it again has reminded me how wonderful it is. The lil tadpole will be amused for hours! I'm looking forward to @Purplesque's stories too :)