Friday, February 1, 2013

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt -- WIP

I finished  two additional scrappy log cabin squares for a total of 12.  Here they are.  I love the little cowgirl on her tricycle, the red convertible, the ladybugs, the thread, the planet.

This one has a blue car, flowers, lemons, and lots of colors.

I decided to set the squares with a simple sashing and border.  The cream fabric sashing is 1.25 in wide (1.75 in with seam allowances).  I used some left-over 2 in green squares which I recut.  Then added a 3 in (2.75 in without seam allowance) blue border with orange square in the corners.  The quilt top (prior to doing the quilting) measures 42 in X 53.75 in.

So now I have to put the top together with the batting and backing and quilt it. 

1 comment:

SeaSpray said...

You must be having a lot of fun with this one - so whimsical. As always ..beautiful work.

If you haven't already seen it - stop by my blog and look at first picture up in current post (unless of course I put a new one up then 2nd current post:)

I KNOW you will appreciate the picture. :)

Happy Super Bowl weekend. :)