Friday, September 21, 2012

My Heart Stopped When Quilt

I finished the small quilt which is a "repeat" of one I made a few years ago -- "You Melt My Heart."  It was inspired by Movin Meat’s post:  Fearful Symmetry.  As before, I took the EKG, printed it out, enlarged a small segment and used it for the quilt.  The center design was machine appliqued, the dark red fabric was then hand sewn into place.  I then machine quilted it.  When I was sewing the binding in place, I noticed that even though I had carefully zigzagged the EKG design twice, some areas were trying to come undone.  I had to then hand embroider inside of the zigzag to make sure the fabric stayed in place.  The finished quilt measures 17.5 in square.
Here is a close up of the center heart.   Notice the Victorian window fabric behind the black with the “rose” in the upper area.  The Torsades de Pointes featured in the EKG is a beautiful but deadly rhythm.  I tried to do a play on the beauty of the EKG and the Victorian fabric when I named the quilt:  my heart stopped when (you walked in the room).

This one shows the chalk quilt marking before the quilting was done:

Here is the back before the sleeve and label were added.  You can see a "ghost" of the quilting but not as well as in the above photo.

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Chrysalis said...

Wow, love the touch of the window in the background and the rose in the heart. Very unique piece.